Join one or more of the six Steering Committees

    Narrative Building Committee

    Spark the imagination and capture the attention of the students, the CU team, all our partners, the media, and the general public before, during, and after the convention.

    • Develop narratives that explain the status quo; make change imaginable, appealing, and urgent; and help create the world we desire

    • Co-create media that communicates these narratives

    • Develop brand communication style guide

    • Develop and execute marketing & PR strategies

    • Develop network of cultural influencers

    • Develop press relationships

    Civic Empowerment Committee

    Coalesce a fifty-state collective of civic organizations committed to giving young people a strong foundation of civics knowledge and pathways to engage civically and productively

    • Identify and secure partnerships with state-level and national high civic organizations, with a combined surface area of all fifty states, and ideally the territories

    • Define application and selection process for Civic Fellows and assist with aligning partnering civic organizations behind shared goals

    • Identify and secure partnerships with widely respected nonprofits and think tanks

    • Identify any meaningful opportunities to work with civic tech firms

    • Keep all these partners regularly informed and engaged

    Corporate Sponsorship Committee

    Rally the nation's most admired brands behind the mission of channeling significant creativity and resources for the cause of youth civic empowerment

    • Identify and secure partnerships with corporate sponsors who can support CU with cash and resources (e.g. flights, hotel, connections)

    • Work with corporate sponsors to come up with meaningful, memorable prizes recognizing civic leadership

    • Identify roles of corporate partners

    Financial Committee

    Build the detailed financial plan that will serve as the foundation on which the ambitious Civics Unplugged vision builds and fundraises

    • Help develop an operational budget for CU and convention budget

    • Identify budget-slimming opportunities with Corporate Sponsors Committee

    • Develop fundraising strategy with Founding Team

    • Identify grant-giving institutions, foundations, endowments, HNW individuals etc.

    Civic Leaders Committee

    Rally the most widely respected civic and political leaders behind the rare opportunity to inspire hundreds of the most promising future leaders

    • Recruit widely-respected political leaders, civil servants, civic entrepreneurs, policy entrepreneurs — at the state, local, and federal level — to support and participate in activities before, during, and after the convention

    • Identify who can work through the mechanics of the process

    • Identify “running for office” organization leaders

    • Identify civic and social entrepreneurship organization leaders

    Convention Experience Committee

    Craft and deliver a weekend for hundreds of young people that is so inspiring, unforgettable, and so filled with civic gravitas that they can’t help but stay in touch with each other for years to come and feel drawn to public service

    • Define every detail of the convention agenda (e.g. decide which tours of monuments and divisions of government to bring students to; which speakers to book; who to invite to meet and greets; who to lead group learning and break-out sessions)

    • Identify and secure partnerships with artists, creatives, and cultural influencers who will perform at the convention or support it in other ways

    • Identify and secure any other partnerships to provide high school students with the necessary education and skills to be civic influencers (who do these students need to meet?)