The world needs more civic innovators –and we need them now. Young leaders need the support to take a risk, and launch world-changing initiatives.

The Community equips proven young leaders with everything they need to focus 100% on launching and scaling social impact companies.

Our Philosophy

Most young people are told that changing the world isn’t a sustainable career. Too often, our brightest youth choose career paths that are misaligned with their passions and the health of their communities.

Our goal is to provide Civics Unplugged Alumni with the funding, mentorship, and community they need to start building social impact companies right now.

Once a Fellow graduates, they join the CU Alumni Community where they are provided funding, mentorship, and a home to experiment, fail, and create.



CIvics Unplugged Alumni can apply for funding to support their local civic innovation projects.


Civics Unplugged's network of partners, CEOs, Investors, and Government Officials has committed to mentoring our Alumni over the next decade.


Graduates of the Fellowship can choose to be placed in jobs within the Civics Unplugged network.


Our Alumni platform keeps graduates connected to eachother well after they graduate from the program.

Direct Investment

CIvics Unplugged Alumni can apply for funding to support their local civic innovation projects.

Internship Placement

Graduates of the Fellowship can apply to be matched with paid summer internships through CU's partner network.

Specialized Programs

Each week, Civics Unplugged staff and partners host niche workshops and specialized training (i.e. in Climate Tech or web3) programs for alumni.

One Off Workshops

CU's program directors host workshops three days a week, covering Supreme Court cases, new legislation, the principles of government, technology, and more!

Job Opportunities

Once you graduate from University, we work hard to connect you with our network of CivTech founders and investors, so you can join the Civic Innovation workforce.

What our Alumni
are saying:

"Civics Unplugged has broadened my perspective on events, people, and life in general. I live in a rather small bubble, and so connecting with fellows across the world reminded me to take into account multiple situations and views before acting."

Joleen Wong



Los Angeles, California

Fall '22

"CU has prompted me to look deep into my desires and skills to future cast and identify what careers I can pursue, what lifestyle I want to achieve, and what my definition of success looks like. With this, CU empowered me and made me feel unstoppable."

Aaron Piando



McAllen, Texas

Spring '21

"At Civics Unplugged, I met amazing people, many of whom I'm lucky enough to call very close friends. I've developed such close relationships with my peers that I honestly cannot imagine my life without their support."

Arpita Singh



Phoenix, Arizona

Fall '22

"Civics Unplugged is a second home for me. I often find myself most comfortable in the CU Community, where I've met lifelong friends and mentors. The Fellowship also gave me long lasting opportunities that I would not have been able to receive at my public high school with limited resources."

Dariel Cruz-Rodriquez



Orlando, Florida

Fall '20

"The Fellowship enabled me to launch a career in social-change. While our education system teaches the youth to wait their turn, Civics Unplugged accelerates the projects, potential, and power of our generation to build a brighter future."

Zoë Jenkins



Lexington, KY

Fall '20

Alumni Projects

Our community collectively votes to provide funding for alumni-led
social change projects.


Invested directly into Alumni Civic projects


People impacted beyond the immediate CU Community

Students Stand Up

Civics and Democracy

Lillian Hertel
Minneapolis, Minnesota

SSU aims to provide youth from around the world with the tools and resources necessary to begin and succeed in work surrounding activism and political advocacy.

The Greater Good Initiative

Civics and Democracy

Tarina Ahuja
Cambridge, MA

The Greater Good Initiative is a youth-led policy think-tank with the mission of promoting youth engagement and mobilization in the policymaking process.


Civics and Democracy

Luke Gianella
Marina del Ray, California

GOVLEARN Education, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to providing easily accessible & nonpartisan government & politics education to elementary and middle school students.


Maternal Health

Rushank Goyal
Bhopal, India

A2M2, (Attack Avoidable Maternal Mortality/Morbidity) is an international teen-led nonprofit that aims to tackle the unfathomable loss of lives and burden of disease caused by mortality and morbidity during pregnancy and childbirth.



Zoë Jenkins
Lexington, KY

DICCE, which stands for diversity, inclusion, cultural competency, and equity, is an initiative founded out of something missing in our education system: diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and accurate history curriculum.

Working with partners

Civics Unplugged’s mission is supported by a global network of partners dedicated to empowering youth and building a brighter future.